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It is needless to mention, that, there is no match for a sleep that comes in a mother’s lap. However, the nearest substitute to that is the traditional boat shaped baby cradle. It’s a familiar observation that parents always prefer traditional cradle over its westernized options, simply because of its unique shape. The boat like shape of the hammock is considered to be more comfortable and convenient for a newborn child, as it provides a psychological feeling of safety to the child, similar to a mother's womb.

With the change in lifestyles, emergence of nuclear family systems, smaller houses and lesser storage space; the traditional cradles got replaced by the flat bed automatic cradles and baby bouncers. However, these aspirational substitutes never provided the tenderness and warmth that a child previously enjoyed in a mother’s lap, or, in the traditional cradle.

To bridge the gap between the modern day life styles and retention of precious traditional values, we developed the Folding Cradle. The contemporary look & features MINUS the conventional drawbacks & inconveniences, is what describes the Folding Cradle in a best manner.

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