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  • How do I place an order?

To place an order, you simply need to send us full payment of the cradle along with the applicable shipping charges. Overseas buyers need to follow one more additional step to place an order. They need to also do a quick check of the currency conversion rate before making a payment.
The payments can be done online through credit cards, while for offline payments; you can send us the payment through a demand draft in favor of “SNAP”, payable at Rajkot, Gujarat, India, or simply deposit the money in our prescribed bank account.

  • When is my credit card charged?

When we receive your order we do the usual card checks. We request you to make a note over here that, 100% amount of the product, including the shipment charges will be charged on placement of the order.

  • How long does it take for the cradle to get delivered?

The product will usually be shipped within 7 working days. If there is to be a delay beyond this time period, we will notify you by email.

You can select the product that suits your requirement and make an order for it. We suggest you that for the convenience of both the parties, you recheck your order twice, including the color you want, etc. to avoid any misunderstandings, in the later stage. Once your order is placed with us, we will ship the product immediately

  • Are there any delivery charges?

The delivery/shipment charges depend upon the geographical location. Therefore the price quoted for the product you wish to purchase from us, does not include the delivery charges. The buyer will have to pay the applicable delivery/shipping charges in addition to the product price.

  • Can I cancel my order, if I want to?

Yes, surely you can cancel your order before its shipment. However, in the case of cancellation, we will not be able to pay you back the entire refund amount. In case of cancellation, we will be compelled to deduct the applicable card processing charges from your refund amount.

  • I am not in India; can I still make a purchase?

Yes, definitely, you can surely purchase our product from anywhere in the World.

  • In case if I am ordering the product from outside India, then, do I have to pay in INR?

Yes, our server accepts payments only in INR. Paying in INR is not a complex issue. The card provider provides the facility of auto conversion of the amount charged to your credit card account, into your local currency. We do not have access to the exact exchange rate each card provider uses at the time of your purchase, therefore we request you to check out the conversion rate from your local sources. It is a simple procedure and will not take much of your time.

  • Can I buy any additional accessories of the folding cradle such as hammock, hangers, vacuums, etc. if required?

Sure. When ever required, we will make you available with all the accessories in desired quantity. You simply need to forward us your requirements along with its existing cost and shipment charges. Once your payment formalities are done, we will ship your requirement at the earliest.

  • If I want to send the cradle as a gift to someone, then, is it possible? If Yes, then how?

Of course, that will be a great idea. You can surely gift the cradle to anyone you like. You just need to do the complete payment of the cradle including the shipment charges for the destination you wish to deliver the cradle. Once we get the complete payment from your side, we will deliver the cradle to the concerned person, as soon as possible.

Also, in case if you are gifting the cradle, then, as a part of a fine gesture, we will incorporate a greeting card and a small gift, On Your Behalf, for your beloved one. Absolutely, free of cost.

  • Do you provide any manual for assembling & dismantling of the cradle?

Yes, especially for your convenience, we do provide an informative user manual for assembling & dismantling the cradle, inside the packing.

  • Do you provide any benefit on bulk orders?

Yes, we do provide benefit on bulk orders. In fact, we will be happy, if more kids rock on our cradle. For making a bulk order, we have a special request form, provided within our website. You just need to fill in the simple trade inquiry form, and we will follow up with you regarding your requirement, as early as possible.

  • Do you provide any kind of warranties or guaranties on the cradle?

Our product is very much safe and tested by us. We have shipped cradles to several customers across different parts of the World. Up till now we haven’t received any complaints and have a customer base of numerous satisfied parents and happy kids. As far as warranty or guaranty is concerned; we do not provide any kind warranties or guaranties on the cradle. However, as concerned parents you can rest assure that we will provide you with the best possible support in case you face any difficulties with functioning of the cradle.

  • How will you dispatch the cradle?

We always prefer using services of prominent and best available cargos including FEDEX, DHL, etc. Usually, the product is delivered to the customer within 7 working days after completion of payment formalities. The customer can also track the shipment delivery status with the help of delivery receipt number provided by us.

  • Do you provide any kind of assurance for breakages if the product reaches in improper condition?

We make sure that we ship the product through the reliable cargos. However, in case of any breakages, we do not take any kind of responsibilities for breakages. We are extremely sorry for that. However, we suggest you that, before accepting the final delivery of your purchase, you inspect the complete product, accessories, etc. in front of the delivery person. And report him, if you found any discrepancies. 




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