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  1. Open the frame of the folded cradle, just like you open a frame of spectacles.
  1. Separate the legs of the frame on both sides.
  1. Insert the screw-knobs on both sides of the cradle.

  2. Make sure that you lock the legs of the cradle (lock is given between two legs, on both sides).

  3. Place the hangers into the hooks of the cradle.
  1. Hang the hammock from its 4 sides to the hanger.

  2. Attach the rubber vacuums under all four legs of the cradle when placed on tiles or any other slippery surfaces. On non-slippery surfaces like garden lawns or carpets, the cradle can be used directly, without the vacuum attachments.


While not in use, make sure that you unlock the cradle and remove the knobs before folding it. Once done with folding, the folded cradle can be inserted in the handy bag and can be stored safely at the convenient place.


If you notice, rubber vacuums are not working appropriately, then, ensure that they are not placed on joints of a tile. For a firmer grip, we recommend regular cleaning of vacuums.


Dimensions of the Folding Cradle:

  • Height 33 ' x Width 37 ' x Length 47 ' when Opened
  • Height 3.25 ' x Width 6 ' x Length 47 ' when Closed
  • Note: All Measurements are in Inches


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